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Mission Statement:



"The Mission of Lakeland Area Hospice is to ensure professional care that is dignified and compassionate to every patient and family we serve".





The philosophy and concept of hospice care are often misunderstood, and patients and families can be frightened by the word "hospice".  Hospice is perceived as a place where patients go to die, and where one cannot continue to have the treatments or interventions that add to their comfort and dignity.  With the level of support provided by the hospice team, patients often feel better and many improve, to the point where discharge from the hospice program can occur.


Hospice is not a place but a philosophy of care that affirms life for patients and loved ones coping with a life-limiting, advanced illness.  Hospice care is provided in whatever setting the patients calls home including skilling nursing and assisted living facilities, personal care homes, or the home the patient has lived in for years.  Cure for the advanced illness is not always possible and the focus becomes the patient's quality of life.  Many kinds of treatment that provide comfort and relief of pain can be continued.


Lakeland Area Hospice is committed to providing patient-centered care and affirming life.  This care involves a holistic approach that addresses physical, emotional, and spiritual concerns.  The patient and family participate in developing a plan of care that meets their needs based on individual choice.  Support is provided to ensure as comfortable a transition as possible through each stage of an advanced illness.  Lakeland Area Hospice emphasizes respect, self-determination, and compassion as the cornerstone of the care provided to each and every patient and their loved ones.


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